Our statement pieces celebrate individuality.

We offer distinctive and curated art and objects. We find them straight from the source, from artists; as well as at auctions or hidden in the attic.


Our principal work is with interior designers, sourcing precious pieces that will come together to complement your clients' personal art collection.

Art and interiors are linked aesthetically and emotionally, and we understand that.  

For interior designers  and interior shops  we offer: 

  • specially curated fine art and objects

  • expertise on building an art collection

  • a customised art experience where you become part of the process.

If you want to know more about our services let's meet for a coffee and we can take it from there!



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Latest artworks
Check out our current collections.  We believe that fine art and precious pieces should be affordable for everyone. Because we sell one off pieces we are not able to keep 'stock'. We only select "one-of-a-kind" art and we promise that our pieces and collections come with a story and provenance.

Brands & Partnerships

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New Zealand

Tel: 021 969 554

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