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Andrew Doak


A born and bred Kiwi who grew up on a Canterbury farm, Andrew has had a successful career in financial and investment advisory, including time as a consultant and adviser with an international accountancy firm as well as national and international investment companies.


But Andrew's true passion is in seeking out that special precious object, whether it is a work of art, antique furniture piece, or that rare object d'art. "I love objects that have a story to tell and I surround myself with precious things that connect me with history and a higher artistic expression.


"Maybe my English oak bureau from the 1780s was crafted from an oak tree that grew during the Middle Ages, or my antique Iranian persian rug made by the nomadic Baluch tribe was hand made on a loom using wool that actually came from New Zealand."


For over 25 years Andrew has studied and acquired precious pieces from around the world, and together with Colette can show you how their precious pieces can take your interior to a higher realm.