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The founders of mostpreciouspiece.com are Colette and Andrew from Christchurch, Canterbury (New Zealand) and they collect art for interior designers. 

"We both appreciate and understand the details, technique, and principles of art. With Most Precious Piece we are able to share the love for distinctive and curated art and objects."

Creating a home is very personal and art is the easiest and most meaningful way of giving any space a sense of place.

Getting unseen art out into the public and into New Zealand homes is our focus. 

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Colette & Andrew  

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Colette van Boxtel 


Tel: 021 969 554

2020.11.06 Andrew-Doak-Portrait-Shoot-14
Andrew Doak

Tel: 0274 365 817 

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Christchurch, New Zealand

Tel: 021 969 554

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