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Taking art beyond the gallery walls. 

We offer distinctive and curated art and objects. We find them straight from the source, from artists; as well as at auctions or hidden in the attic. 

We only select "one-of-a-kind" art and we promise that our pieces and collections come with a story and provenance. 

Art for interior designers


Our principal work is with interior designers, sourcing precious pieces that will come together to complement your clients' personal art collection.

Art and interiors are linked aesthetically and emotionally, and we understand that.  

For interior designers and their clients we offer: 

  • specially curated fine art and objects

  • expertise on building an art collection

  • a customised art experience where you become part of the process.

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Accessible art 

Fine art and precious pieces should be affordable for everyone. 

The pieces shown on this website have a mid-segment price range and are available for individuals to purchase. Simply follow the link to the piece you like on from home page and more details will be displayed. 

All our artwork is framed to a high standard and the framing selected compliments each of the works.


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We are proud to work with | Kate Mcleod

We are proud to work with local artist Kate McLeod

Following her graduation in 2005 from Canterbury University (BA, Art History and Sociology), Kate’s life twisted and turned, with jobs as a TV set designer, art teacher, advertising account manager, creative software executive and restoration project manager giving her licence to explore a wide range of creative disciplines.


Along the way, Melbourne, Auckland, Ankara, London, San Francisco and Sydney have all been called home. Kate came full circle five years ago, putting down roots in her home town of Ōtautahi, Christchurch, and set about creating the studio and environment to support her career as a full-time artist.


The desire to mould and sculpt raw materials into something new started early. As a baby she took the only malleable, viscous substance she could get her hands on and painted her cot. Today she creates large scale paintings in oil and acrylic and makes assemblage from recycled found items. Copper and gold foil also feature heavily in her work along with other mixed media, nothing is out of bounds.


Kate’s current gestural, lyrical abstraction focuses on being attuned to the rhythms of life. Her work is imbued with a sense of immediate, fluid movement that invites an emotional response from her audience. Grounded by her deep fascination with colour, each work is a performance that captures a fleeting moment, a memory of a feeling.


Kate is on a mission to move one human at a time: “I hope you feel the physical performative energy of my movement as if you were there the moment it was created”.

Kate McLeod Artist katemcleoddotart copy

Latest artworks

Piece no. 202067
Title: A good joke
Artist: Goldie
Size: 40 x 50 cm
Type: Chromolithograph

As Rembrandt would have painted the Māori. 

Based on the 1905 painting 'All 'e Same t'e Pakeha', of Te Aho-te-Rangi Wharepu, Ngati Mahuta.

Modernmaster.piet.mondrian.most precious
Piece no. 202071
Title: Double line and Yellow
Artist: Piet Mondrian
Size: 50 x 70 cm
Type: Lithograph

Composition with Double Line and Yellow, 1932

This painting still mesmerizes art lovers because of its unique freshness. 

Piece no. 202072
Title: Composition no 3.
Artist: Piet Mondrian
Size: 50 x 70 cm
Type: Lithograph

Composition no.3

Mondrian’s Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow demonstrates his commitment to relational opposites, asymmetry, and pure planes of color. 

Mondrian Most Precious Piece
Piece no. 202074
Title: Composition no 3.
Artist: Piet Mondrian
Size: 55 x 70 cm
Type: Lithograph, signed lower right, numbered edition 92 / 200, Leonardo Artis Edition on Specimens 200 heavy cotton paper, watermarked, together with a certificate of authentication.  

Composition no.3

Piet Mondrian, regarded as one of the greatest artists of the 20th Century and a pioneer of abstract art. In 1919 Mondrian began producing grid-based paintings of lines delineated rectangular forms, the forms filled with primary colours, black or grey.

Piece no. 202076
Title: Campbell’s Soup, Vegetable 
Artist: Andy Warhol
Size: 40 x 50cm 
Type: Limited edition lithograph

When asked why he chose to paint Campbell’s soup cans, Warhol offered a deadpan reply: “I used to have the same lunch every day, for twenty years, I guess, the same thing over and over again.”


That daily meal is the subject of this work consisting of thirty-two canvases—one for each of the flavours then sold by Campbell’s—using a combination of projection, tracing, painting, and stamping.

Campbells soup Warhol - most precious pi
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Piece no. 202078
Title: Marilyn SOLD
Artist: Andy Warhol
Size:  90 x 90 cm
Type: Print 1803/2400, authenticated with the CMOA stamp on reverse

Soon after her tragic death in 1962, Warhol made a series of paintings paying tribute to Marilyn Monroe, the actress, model, and singer who had captured America’s imagination in films like Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and How to Marry a Millionaire. Warhol based this portrait on a publicity still from the 1953 film Niagara.


About repetitions Warhol said, “The more you look at the same exact thing, the more the meaning goes away, and the better and emptier you feel."

Piece no.202079
Title: Flowers
Artist: Andy Warhol
Size:  90 x 90 cm
Type: signed print, authenticated with the CMOA stamp on reverse

Warhol has said, “My fascination with letting images repeat and repeat— or in film’s case, “run on”– manifests my belief that we spend much of our lives seeing without observing.”


Though an interesting statement from an artist who did not observe directly from nature but from photographs, this series causes us to reconsider the universal appeal of flowers each spring.


Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 14.12.17.png
bathers Picasso .jpg
Piece no.202068 & 202080
Title: Bathers & Still life with Mandolin
Artist: Pablo Picasso
Size: 44 x 53 cm & 42 x 48 cm
Type: Print 93/500 & certificate of proof
& 121/ 500

Can you imagine yourself at the Cote d'Azur?


Picasso spent all his summers at the beach, which supplied the inspiration for this painting. 

Mandolin and music  202080.png
Goldie Most precious piece.com.jpg
Piece no. 202083
Title: Atama Paparangi, Chief of the Te Rarawa tribe
Artist: Goldie 
Size: 33 x 40 cm
Type: Chromolithograph, plate signed C F Goldie upper left-hand side.

Chief of the Te Rarawa tribe, who lived in the Hokianga region and fought at Okaihau with the infamous Hone Heke.

Chromolithography is a unique method for making multi-coloured prints and was first developed in the 19th Century.   

Goldie Most Precious Piece.com
Piece no. 202082
Title: Portrait of Ina Papatahi of the Nga Puhi tribe
Artist: Goldie 
Size: 33 x 40 cm 
Type: Chromolithograph, size plate signed C F Goldie lower right-hand side.

We are so thrilled to add this gem to our collection. 


Ina lived close to Goldie’s studio and was one of his favourite models. 

From an original Goldie painting dated 1905 and held in the Dunedin Art Gallery.   


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